ID Card Printers

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Evolis Primacy Duplex Expert Dual Sided Card Printer - Standard USBEthernet

Primacy is a high-end printer that is easy-to-use, flexible and fast . When loaded with the Evolis c..

AED5,800.00 Ex Tax: AED5,800.00

Evolis Primacy Simplex ID Card Printer Single Sided

The Evolis Primacy Simplex features full single-sided printing. Evolis Primacy is a high-end printer..

AED4,450.00 Ex Tax: AED4,450.00

Evolis Zenius Classic ID Card System Single-Sided

The Evolis Zenius Classic single-sided ID system is a compact, lightweight printer that is designed ..

AED3,450.00 Ex Tax: AED3,450.00

NBS Javelin ID card Printer

J230i + Ethernet - ID Card Printer The machine has both USB and Ethernet connection built-in. The sp..

AED5,550.00 Ex Tax: AED5,550.00